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Collaboratives projects

Many ANR, FUI or ADEME collaborative projects, involving IMobS3 actors have been funded since its inception. We can quote:

  • Baudet Rob (ANR 2011-14): Mobile robot of logistic assistance for a more effective, more reactive and more safe mobility groups ;
  • ARMS (ANR 2011-14): A multi-arms robotic system for muscle separation ;
  • SCRIPT (ANR 2012-15): Decision support system for robust design and service quality indicators of railways transport plans ;
  • PRIAM (ANR 2012-15): Development of a volumetrically-lightened flat panel photobioreactor ;
  • BUSINOVA EVOLUTION (ADEME 2012-15): Multi-hybrid motorization buses ;
  • Vipa Fleet (FUI 2013-16): Deployment of a fleet of autonomous shuttles on an industrial site ;
  • ATHENA (ANR 2013-16): Optimization methods for solving difficult integrated decision problems ;
  • i-LEED (FP7 2013-16): Advanced cattle feeding on pasture through innovative pasture management ;
  • AdaP2e (ANR 2014-17): Adaptive Autonomous Production platform for environment ;
  • TIPCO (Regional call 2014-17): Intelligent traceability for complex industrial products ;
  • Clean Robot (FUI 2014-17): Autonomous washing cell in industrial environment ;
  • ROMAP (FUI 2014-17): Robotic systems for very large metallic surfaces treatment ;
  • AWARE (FUI 2014-17): All Weather All Roads Enhanced vision ;
  • EVERS (ANR 2015-18): Electric vehicles routing and scheduling challenges within urban logistic ;
  • AEROSTRIP (FUI 2015-18): Eco-pickling robotic integrated system for aeronautics ;
  • PumAgri (FUI 2015-19): Universal mobile platform for agriculture ;
  • Baudet Rob2 (ANR 2016-19): Mobile robot of logistic assistance ;
  • TORNADO (FUI 2017-20): Interactions between autonomous vehicles and infrastructures for mobility services in low-density areas ;
  • FURIOUS (PST DGA 2018-21): Terrestrial robots insertion within military forces ;
  • CAPTAIN (ANR 2018-21): Optical sensors for monitoring air quality ;
  • ProBHyM (ANR 2018-21): Bio-hydrogen production - Towards an additional pathway for the biological recovery of waste for the methanation sector.

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