Mobilité Innovante
des personnes, des biens et des machines

Scientific program

By building on strong scientific sectors with proven international visibility, the IMobS3 project proposes to develop efficient and environmentally friendly technological bricks in the context of an innovative mobility of people, goods and machines. These bricks will be thought and developed "universal and adaptable quickly to the markets". More precisely, the aim is to meet, collectively and through multidisciplinarity, the three following challenges:

Challenge 1: the placing on the market of special vehicles and machines in niche markets with very high added value;

Challenge 2: the realization of innovative decision support systems allowing the optimized management of a set of such vehicles or machines, in terms of the quality of the service rendered and the energy consumed;

Challenge 3: the development of bioenergy production processes aimed at integrating and intensifying high-tech reactors, enabling the advent of the biorefinery of the future concept.

The IMobS3 project will generate significant economic benefits. It will significantly and sustainably increase the international visibility of the sector "Sciences for the Engineer" of the Clermont-Ferrand site and contribute to its structuring.

The IMobS3 key focus is to become an international reference center for the Mobility of people, goods and machines, by implementing coordinated means between the LabEx and CIMES Competitiveness Cluster. Mobility, taken broadly, is a major issue of the 21st century. The Clermont site must know how to take advantage of the opportunity to display the complementarity between a recognized academic environment and an active local and national economic fabric of this sector.


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