Mobilité Innovante
des personnes, des biens et des machines

Challenge 3

Challenge 3 of IMobS3 LabEx is about "Energy production processes for mobility". Within this vast field, the IMobS3 actors seek to put forward skills referring to three aspects:

  • Processes for producing energy vectors;
  • Management of embedded energy vectors;
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) associated with the production and use of energy vectors.

The first part deals mainly with bioprocesses. It includes the production of hydrogen by photocatalytic processes and some aspects concerning fuel cells.

The second part concerns both the storage of embedded energy vectors (in particular the problematic hydrogen) and the energy savings that can be achieved on various vehicle functions (propulsion, air conditioning, lighting, etc.).

The third part is transversal to the two previous ones. It consists in acquiring a general metric (carbon balance type) to globally assess the environmental impact of the production and use of energy resources for mobility. This is an important topic that is debated and deserves an "international think tank" to be set up, involving both technological and societal aspects.