Mobilité Innovante
des personnes, des biens et des machines


Since 2005, IMobS3 LabEx players have very close links with CIMES Competitiveness Cluster, a generalist competitiveness cluster in the mechanics field and working at the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region scale (the first French mechanical region). The LabEx can now be considered as the scientific guarantor of the "Robotic and Productive Systems" axis of the CIMES competitiveness cluster, which makes it possible, in particular, to bring the academic world into contact with the industrial world, as well as to support collaborative projects setting up. Indeed, the various scientific advances of the LabEx are mentioned in the cluster catalog of projects and products in order to promote it among its members.

The IMobS3 promotion by CIMES competitiveness cluster is also ensured by the joint organization of communication days for the socio-economic world, aiming to present LabEx expertise to cluster members. Often the collaborative projects (type FUI) labeled by the cluster serve as examples by making simultaneously attest researchers and industrials. The frequency of these events is annual or biannual; it gathers an average of one hundred people.

The recent themes displayed are:

  • Mobility in natural environments ;
  • Safety by and for autonomous vehicles ;
  • Smart solutions for vehicles in uncertain environments ;
  • Efficient systems and robots in the industry of the future ;
  • Devices for the mobility of the future.

Since the new French regions territorial reform , and the birth of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, the LabEx IMobS3 get closer to CARA and Minalogic clusters, initially from Rhône-Alpes region, whose central theme is the special vehicle (trucks, bus, shuttles ...).