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Nos offres de formation (par et pour la recherche)

Le LabEx propose actuellement différentes offres de thèse et de post-doctorat, rejoignez-nous !

PhD position: Enumeration of Interesting Substructures (EIS)

PhD position : Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) of (In,Ga)N nanowires for solar cells and micro-LEDs => offre pourvue

PhD position : Synchronous Management (Planning, Scheduling and Routing) of a heterogenous vehicle fleet which carries on urban or industrial logistics tasks, and of the local renewable energy production process which feeds the vehicles in either electric

PhD position : Coordinated control of a mobile manipulator carrying out dynamical work in natural environments

PhD position : Modelling, designing and prototyping a Very Safe Four-wheeled terrestrial Robot for rolling at high speed On uneven Grounds

Post-doctoral position : Robotization of tasks involved in tire manufacturing

Post-doctoral position : Semantic segmentation for autonomous navigation => offre pourvue

Post-doctoral position : Upgrade and enhance the perception functionalities of Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) => offre pourvue

Engineer position : Automatic object detection for eye-tracking video analysis => offre pourvue

Engineer position : Wireless networks and embedded systems => offre pourvue




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